IR and shareholder policy

IR policy

Akastor aims to serve the financial market with precise and relevant information about the company to ensure that the share price reflects the underlying values and future prospects.

The company engages in an open and continuous dialogue with the financial market for the purpose of creating a good basis for the correct pricing of the shares. The dialogue with the market takes form primarily of annual reports, quarterly reports, meetings with investors and analysts, participation in important conferences, and use of the company’s website.

Members of the Management participate actively in dialogue with the market, while daily communication is handled by the investor relations department. Important information of significance to investors and other market players is communicated through the Oslo Stock Exchange – – and the company’s website –

Shareholder policy

Akastor aims to create value for the company’s shareholders, customers, employees and society in general. Shareholders’ investments should provide a competitive return over time in the form of dividend payments and share price growth. Akastor is committed to providing the financial markets with accurate, impartial, relevant, and timely information about the company to ensure that its share price reflects underlying values and future development as correctly as possible.