Whistleblowing Channel

Akastor is dedicated to promoting ethics and values in our portfolio companies. In order to facilitate reporting of breaches of Akastor’s Code of Conduct, Akastor has established a whistleblowing system

The whistleblowing channel is available for employees and external parties, and for any negative activity in any of our portfolio companies. Blowing the whistle is positive, because it can contribute to the positive development of Akastor.

You can use the link to report any cases you come across, and notify Akastor directly at whistleblowing@akastor.com

Examples of notifiable conditions:

  • Breaches of the Akastor Code of Conduct
  • Violations of the law
  • Corruption
  • Employees being bullied or frozen out
  • Tax violations
  • Threats to life and health
  • Breaches of health, safety and environmental regulations
  • Misuse of inside information
  • Fraud and embezzlement

Akastor will ensure that there will be no retaliation against a whistleblower for reporting possible violations in good faith.

What happens when a notification is made?

The Akastor General Counsel manages the whistleblowing channel and is responsible to ensure that all cases are properly investigated and followed-up. The Akastor General Counsel receives all notifications made to whistleblowing@akastor.com,.Based on a severity assessment, an investigation team is established involving compliance resources from Akastor and the relevant portfolio company. In cases where the report concerns a member of the Akastor Board, the CEO or CFO of Akastor, General Counsel, an external service provider will be engaged to lead the investigation.

Whistleblower notifications are processed into a confidential whistleblower archive system with access restricted to compliance personnel and those involved in the investigation team. Akastor is strongly committed to alignment with personal data regulations. Personal data collected or processed as a part of the investigation of a whistleblowing report will only be used for the purpose for which it has been gathered. All personal data will be deleted when the follow-up investigation is finalized and when the purpose of processing the personal data ceases to exist. This normally means that personal data is deleted within two months after the Akastor Board’s Audit Committee accepts the investigation report and closes the case.

Who do you notify?

• Your responsible manager or unit

• Akastor Legal & Compliance directly or through whistleblowing@akastor.com

All Akastor investments (portfolio) companies can use the whistleblowing channel.