Akastor ASA : Share purchase program for executive managers of Akastor

  • January 01, 0001
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In accordance with authorisations from the board of directors of Akastor ASA,
the CEO of Akastor ASA has resolved that each of Leif Borge (CFO) and Karl Erik
Kjelstad (Investment Director) may purchase up to 100,000 treasury shares under
the manager share purchase program for 2014. The shares are subject to a three
year lock-up period. The purchase may either be done personally, or through the
managers' wholly-owned companies.

Mr. Borge and Mr Kjelstad are also eligible for participation in the company's
variable pay program for executive personnel, whereby the variable pay may be
settled in either cash or shares in the company.

Mr. Borge currently owns 39 725 shares in Akastor ASA.

Mr Kjelstad currently owns 23 074 shares in Akastor ASA.

For further information, please contact:
Tore D. Langballe
Head of Communications and Investor Relations
Mob: +47 907 77 841

Akastor  ASA is an oilfield services  investment company with a flexible mandate

for long-term value creation. The company exercises active ownership combining a

range of strategic, operational and financial measures to develop and unlock the

full  value  potential  of  its  portfolio  of  companies.  Akastor  ASA employs

approximately 7,400 people.